• I am an experienced technical manager.

  • More often worked with small teams of 5-10 people. At the moment I also manage a development team. I have managed to work with projects and products of different profile and scale. I had to deal with both purely technical management and product management in general.

  • I consider my strengths to be a good technical outlook, competent speech and quick learning ability. I consider my weakness to be inability to work for a long time on one-type and uninteresting tasks in a team that is not interested in the final result.

  • Vue

    This site is powered by Vue, Nuxt, and some magic

  • Flutter

    For an app, I also use Flutter

  • PostgreSQL

    In most projects I like to use PostgreSQL database - it's free and holds loads well

  • Java

    For large and medium-sized projects, I use Java and Spring, which have a lot of ready-made modules under the hood, are secure and performant

  • GitLab

    I use GitLab for code storage and deployment

  • Nginx

    I use Nginx as my web server and balancer


  • Ediweb
  • Corex
  • Appsteka
  • Planex
  • illustrators
  • Zyfra